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VMCOGULF is a Saudi company based in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia with main operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, besides the other 5 GCC countries (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait) as well as in some other Middle Eastern countries for specific sectors.


VMCOGULF started its operations in the year 2007 as one of the industry leaders of Saudi Arabian vending, HORECA, catering and F&B segments on both operation and distribution levels. Throughout the years, VMCOGULF has always distinguished itself through a high level of customer service and support offered by a skilled team of professionals, and with the help of our suppliers and partners from all over the world.


VMCOGULF proudly presents a wide range of products and services related to the F&B industry in terms of Trading and Distribution, not only in the vending sector, but also on the HORECA supplies, food production by its state of the art production facility, ice cream machinery and ingredients, consultation, training, brands management and franchising.


VMCOGULF’s main focus on the vending industry has enabled us to be ranked as one of the top market leaders in this field not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the rest of GCC countries through operating and distributing top quality automatic coffee vending machines, snack vending machines, Italian espresso machines, Ice cream machines and table top coffee machines for both office and households use.


Thanks to a dedicated team of professionals as well as to the strategic partnership with top quality international manufacturers and suppliers; VMCOGULF was able to capitalize on its successful business model in the vending industry to include various other sectors such as HORECA, ice cream, food production forward its success to other investors by offering high quality products, constant operational and technical support, training and consulting


We thank you for visiting our company’s website and we look forward to serve you in the near future.



Ahmed Al-Khaldi


Food & Beverage


VMCOGULF is one of the pioneer companies in the vending industry in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries through operating and distributing top quality coffee vending machines, snack vending machines, Italian espresso machines , Slush and Ice cream machines , coffee roasters, grinders   and table top coffee machines for both office and households use. Thanks to the strategic partnerships that VMCOGULF has built over the years with top quality European manufacturers and suppliers through exclusive agency contracts for both machines and coffee ingredients.


VMCOGULF has forwarded its successful model in operating quality coffee & snack vending machines to many other operators all over GCC countries through consistent and high level of operational and technical support.


VMCOGULF participated significantly in changing the vending and catering culture in Saudi market through operating highly advanced non-conventional vending machines (Coffee & snack)


Our food & Coffee catering unit service a wide range of customers including government agencies, public and private companies through long term service contracts; thanks to the specialized well trained service team that VMCOGULF has invested in.

Trading and Distribution


VMCOGULF is one of the top leading companies in the field  of distributing  a wide range of food and catering equipment’s and many other products and services related  to the F&B sector such as  fine quality Italian espresso coffee beans and Powders used for both hot and cold beverages, packaging materials and many other accessories.


MIRAWAD is a unique brand solely created and owned by VMCOGULF which includes a wide range of high quality products also related to the food and beverage business.

Food Production


VMCO’s aim has always been to spread the tradition of “High Quality Ready to Go Food and Catering Services” either through automatic vending or more conventional solutions and in order to do so, we are cooperating with the best Italian chefs for recipes using the finest ingredients imported from Italy and processed in our factory in Riyadh City using the finest Italian machinery in the field of proceed and automatically packaged food.


In our pursuit to be one of the top leading companies in food production and catering services, we built state of the art production facility equipped with best Italian machinery and technology all operated by highly trained  professional team.


At the beginning of 2016, the new plant opened its doors with special lines for the production of different types:

– All category of packaged sandwiches (Club – Panini – ciabatta – snacks and etc…).

– Mayonnaise on different recipes, all flavored sauces and hummus,

– Readymade meals,

– Different types of salad.

– Pastry and baked products.

Consulting and Training


“At VMCOGULF, we educate you about coffee before we sell you coffee” acting out of this principle VMCOGULF puts in. It’s vast experience in the F&B business at the hand of our customers and partners by offering them various level of training courses and other services  such as professional barista training ,  vending machines operators training ,  coffee shop setup and  design services , food and beverage menu development and many other preventive maintenance  and technical support services.


The main part of VMCOGULF support role comes from acting as a one stop shop for all coffee customers and partners through offering a wide range of products and services such as finest Italian espresso coffee beans, top quality coffee machines (Barista & vending), premium quality hot and cold beverages, customized training and support services all targeted toward one fact “your success is part of ours”.



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in terms of size and population in the whole region and Saudi customers who enjoys a relatively high purchasing power tends to have also a high and unique taste of food & beverage. Therefore, international brands from all over the world have a major presence in the Saudi market.


Scooping on its own success in serving the HORECA sector, VMCOGULF was able to extend its business model to include operating and managing well known established international brands in the F&B industry through master franchise contracts



VMCOGULF is proud to present its one of a kind Turkish coffee machine MIRAWAD that was totally designed and manufactured by VMCOGULF in cooperation with the best Italian design and assembly specialist.


The MIRAWAD Turkish coffee machine or project is a result of long years of research and development as well as large investment , all channeled to build the first and only fully automatic Turkish coffee machine designed to serve both the commercial and the household sectors.


MIRAWAD Turkish coffee machine is now distributed directly by VMCOGULF as well as by many assigned agents all over the world.



Retransforming the F&B industry in Saudi Arabia and the whole Middle East region through introducing innovative products and services. To be the Middle East best Vending Machine company experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value so that we make every customer in every region smile and be satisfied.


Our mission is simple: To be a trusted leader in Vending Machine within the Middle East region along with nutrition and wellness and to achieve and sustain a high level of customer’s satisfaction through applying the value added concept in all offered products and services


Offering premium products and services combined with a high level of after sale service including 24/7 customer and technical support, training and maintenance